Provencal garden layout on the French Riviera

Jardin Provençal: When Provence comes to your home…

The request for this Provençal garden was precise: a summer garden, that is to say an explosion of flowers during the summer period under the biting sun of the Côte d’Azur.
The crushing sun of July makes us discover the garden in another way, since in turn, the abelias, the oleanders, the daylilies and the agapanthus splash the place with their colors.

In this summer period, in Provence, the queen is undoubtedly lavender.
What a wonderful moment to take photos in the middle of this dream setting, surrounded by a multitude of butterflies celebrating the summer of my native noon. The slightest rustle reveals the bewitching scent of blooming lavender. The slightest breath of wind awakens this perfume that hovers in the air.

aménagement jardin provencal
aménagement jardin provencal
aménagement jardin provencal
aménagement jardin provencal
aménagement jardin provencal
aménagement jardin provencal

In this space, the blue-violet blur of supple and exuberant lavender brings a smile to the protective olive trees.
The green-yellow of the pittosporum tobira nana illuminates the scene And in the center, sits a wild olive tree that the teams of gardeners have pruned into balls, like a plant sculpture!

The view extends over the roofs of a Provençal village and the Estérel mountains.

The express request of my clients was to design them a haven of peace in a pure Mediterranean spirit.

To restore the spirit of a garden is perhaps to allow to feel, to perceive, to experience sensations and it is the only goal of my job as a landscaper. Each place has its requirements, and to bring it to life as close as possible to my clients’ requests, I have to know how to listen to them in order to understand them, then take the brush to draw their Eden for them as one draws a canvas.

Because I am fascinated by the power of emotions, I would like to thank those who place their trust in me and allow me to exalt their dreams. I like the requirement, I like the challenges, I like to invest myself completely, to the point of living only for the garden that I am creating.

That’s being a landscaper!

“Brigitte is “precious”. She allowed us to avoid many mistakes and to enjoy a restful and creative space.”

Owner’s testimonial