Small or large garden
Creativity is key…

Whatever the size, laying out your garden often turns out to be a relatively complex task…

You are probably asking yourself a multitude of questions:

How to optimize the space?

Which plants to choose?

How to protect yourself from vis-à-vis?

You wish…

aménager un grand jardin

…be accompanied and guided to develop a small or large garden

aménagement piscine

…create, arrange and furnish an outdoor terrace with plants

aménagement piscine 06

…integrate a swimming pool in your garden while maintaining harmony

Whether the garden is very large or very small, if you don’t want to repeat the same thing ten thousand times… You also want to avoid mistakes that can be very expensive…

Save yourself wasting time and money, call on Brigitte Dematteis, a landscape artist for your Mediterranean garden on the Côte d’Azur!

landscape designer

The Brigitte Dematteis signature

Brigitte’s gardens are based on creativity, it is creativity that gives a soul to the garden. And since creativity cannot be improvised, it must be “thought out” and “landed” on paper.

In a first phase of work, Brigitte will offer you realistic artistic representations processed by computer (photomontages made on the basis of photos). This is the BDM method.

In a second step, a drawing in Indian ink is made. It is the centralizing element of the project. These will make it possible to obtain detailed estimates for the realization thanks to the description and quantity of the plants.

Garden lovers love landscape drawings even if their interpretation is sometimes difficult, which is why realistic artistic representations will be proposed upstream.

The Brigitte Dematteis workshop

A unique approach in France conducted around these realistic project proposals… Based on the desires of her clients and the characteristics of the site, Brigitte Dematteis offers a series of photomontages. An ideal method to facilitate the final representation of proposals.

You will discover your project aesthetically and… financially.

Examples of view planes:

  • entrance to a villa,
  • location of a swimming pool and color of the water,
  • your future pool house,
  • floor selection…
atelier brigitte dematteis