aménagement piscine

Furniture, choice of plants… immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your future terrace

How to arrange your outdoor terrace with plants?
What are the decoration trends?
How to arrange the terrace of a house to save space?
Wood or concrete patio?

These are all questions that Brigitte Demattéis, a renowned landscaper in Grasse and on the Côte d’Azur, tries to answer on a daily basis. Furniture, choice of plants, photomontage to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your future furnished terrace, contact Brigitte Demattéis to discuss your project.

“What is interesting is the complexity!
You have to make the garden say something by mixing technicality and a bit of madness, in short, give it a signature. I am often surprised to start a project with a very specific idea and as I reflect, I refine and find sometimes surprising solutions. It is the creativity of the landscape designer that will bring an identity to the garden.


Brigitte Dematteis